Develop in Parabox with the help of two main SDKs


A Software Development Kit abbreviated as an SDK, is what powers Parabox as a thriving digital world. The Parabox foundation team has built two SDKs to allow content creators of all skill levels to build within Parabox. SDKs will allow the development of content such as applications, event venues and games. Each SDK is designed to handle a wide range of capabilities, including building objects, loading textures, controlling avatar interactions, handling physics, creating payment gateways and other features.

Parabox Building Engine

The PBE is a code-free visual development kit built for those with little to no coding knowledge. The PBE will soften the barrier to entry for developers allowing them to create simple static objects and customized playable avatars.

Parabox E-SDK

The E-SDK is a more expressive development kit powered by C++ and will be tailored towards those with a more proficient knowledge in coding. The E-SDK will help in creating more dynamic based content such as applications and mini-games, the likes of which that could truly power a virtual worlds economy. It is important to note that the E-SDK has a specific build limitation. Build limitations indicate the limit of how large content can be on top of land parcels. Build limitations are essential in order for Parabox to sustain itself as a performant virtual world. Build limitations will be capped evenly per parcel and when a build limitation is breached, the land parcels live content will go empty.
As technology advances, build limitations can be updated and increased with a proposal to the DAO. Specific information regarding build limitations will be released concurrently to the Parabox E-SDK release.
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