Trade and Develop all types of Non-Fungible assets within Parabox

Non-Fungible Assets

Assets are the underlying infrastructure that makes up Parabox's world, without them, the world is virtually empty. Parabox assets are tokenized in the form of NFTs and maintained using a Resource Contract. NFTs and Resource Contracts within Parabox can be split into four main categories:

Genesis Avatars

Genesis Avatars are what players can use to traverse and interact within Parabox and are the physical representation of a users appearance amongst other players. Avatars will be tradeable on the Parabox Marketplace.

Land Parcels

Land parcels are the base layer of Parabox's virtual world. As stated within the Overview, there are two types of land parcels within Parabox: Individually owned land parcels and DAO owned land parcels. Individually owned land parcels can be traded via the Parabox marketplace, whilst DAO-owned land parcels cannot since they are owned by a multi-signature wallet controlled by the DAO.
Land parcels in Parabox are tokenized as NFTs and will exist within a Resource Contract called LAND. The LAND Resource Contract displays a location for each parcel using a cartesian x and y coordinate axis.
Each Land parcel NFT contains its metadata where live content is stored. Live content describes all content created with Parabox's SDKs and deployed on top of land parcels within Parabox.

Asset Entities

Asset entities will be structures made with the visual SDK, such as furnished homes, artifacts, animals and general environment decor. Asset Entities once created in the SDK, will be tradeable on the Parabox marketplace as NFTs and deployable straight to land parcels.