Genesis Avatars

The 10,000 playable avatar NFTs of the Parabox virtual world

Genesis Avatars

Genesis Avatars, Commonly Abbreviated as GAT, are unique 3D voxel avatars that will exist within a Smart Contract of 10,000 uniquely identifiable DLT-backed tokens called NFTs. Genesis Avatars are the first 10,000 playable Avatar NFTs on the Radix Ledger and will be playable within all the experiences of the original Parabox virtual world application.
Important: Leading up to Babylon, the Genesis Avatars collection will be subject to small artistic changes such as new traits and adjusted rarity. The Avatar you will receive for your GENAV token will only be made available to you when GAT is tokenized on-ledger as an NFT collection (Post-Babylon).
TLDR - Owners will only know which Genesis Avatar they own Post-Babylon, when NFTs on the Radix Network can be created. This is because the core team wants to make the collection more diverse.
To reserve a Genesis Avatar, 300 XRD must be sent to rdx1qspr8klwqyf4564xauqzhnjazxxw2eeshdu57kj3qzfffyahhzwvqygssxt9j


The Parabox community is currently reserving GAT in exchange for fungible placeholder tokens called GENAV, which will function as a means to ensure early ownership of the GAT NFT collection leading up to the release of Radix's on-network Smart Contract environment, Babylon.
GAT will be created by the core team, who will renounce ownership of the GAT NFT smart contract as soon as all GENAV owners are airdropped GAT. Each GAT reservation currently costs 300 XRD and is used as a fee to fund the development of the entire GAT collection and the creation of the Parabox virtual world.
For those wondering how to reserve a GAT, simply send a transaction of 300 XRD to the following wallet address:
In return, you will receive a GENAV token, redeemable for a GAT NFT, Post-Babylon.

Token RRI (Pre-Babylon)

Due to multiple unofficial Genesis Avatar tokens circulating within the Radix ecosystem, it is essential to note that the only official Genesis Avatar token (Pre-Babylon) is GENAV, with token RRI:

Trading (Pre-Babylon)

Prior to the release of Babylon, Genesis Avatars (GENAV tokens) should not be traded, this is because the final art that will represent Genesis Avatars (Post-Babylon) will only be finalized once Genesis Avatars are converted into NFTs.

GAT Distribution ratio

Community - The Parabox community initially purchased GAT in a public sale (totalling 80 percent of the total supply).
Developers - Developers of the Parabox ecosystem are incentivized with 2000 GAT in shared distribution (totalling 20 percent of the total supply).