The treasury token of the Parabox virtual world ecosystem

Decentralized Virtual Economy

To help foster the Parabox ecosystem, a token called PARA has been distributed across the Parabox community. PARA can support multiple use cases but will mainly serve as a way to spread ecosystem development incentive across as many people as possible.
The most important use case of PARA is that it can act as a unified DAO treasury token across multiple Parabox DAOs that may form in the future. The PARA token may also be used for trading, gamified prize pooling, art galleries, events, and more!

Initial distribution ratio

GAT holders - Each initial GAT holder received 200,000 PARA per GAT owned (totalling 80 percent of PARA supply).
Ociswap - 12.5 million PARA tokens were paired to the Ociswap DEX with 50k in XRD as liquidity (totalling 0.5 percent of PARA supply).
Developers - Developers of the Parabox ecosystem are incentivized with 991,000,000 PARA in shared distribution (totalling just under 40 percent of total PARA supply).
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