Roadmap to Decentralization
The following is a list of roadmap milestones that must be completed so that Parabox can evolve without relying on the core founding team:

1. Virtual world creation

  • The creation of the Parabox 3D virtual world and application interface
Adjustments: The server for the Genesis Plaza is currently down due to a bug being investigated and virtual world experiences are currently being redesigned with a more polished finish in mind.
  • A 2D render of all 10,000 Genesis Avatar models along with 10,000 JSON files
Adjustments: New GAT owners are not reflected on the GAT gallery because the collection is being modified to display a full fledged artistic expression of the core teams vision for how Genesis Avatars should look visually (maintaining a voxel aesthetic but including new traits, new rarities etc).

3. 3D GAT

  • 3D files of the Genesis Avatars collection must be created and rigged

4. 3D GAT integration

  • 3D GAT files must be integrated into the Parabox virtual world code

5. Babylon tokenization (Post-Babylon)

  • The non-fungible tokenization of the Genesis Avatars NFT collection (Post-Babylon).

6. Web3 virtual world integration

  • Web3 wallet and ledger data must be integrated into the Parabox virtual world code so that GAT holders can play as their owned Avatars.

7. Open-source virtual world

  • The open-sourcing of the Parabox virtual world code, website, and documentation

What lies beyond?

Beyond this, the core team still plans to build within the Parabox ecosystem as they are positioned well and have an enormous incentive; however, any future development outside of this roadmap is not an obligation, nor is it promised.