Virtual World

The Parabox virtual world application
The Parabox Virtual World is an explorable 3D virtual world application where users can immerse in variety of uniquely curated gaming experiences. The Parabox virtual world will be updated and built upon by its community via open-source contributions. Owners of Genesis Avatars will be able to play as their NFTs in the Parabox virtual world application as part of an upcoming core team roadmap update.
The Parabox virtual world contains the following experiences:
As mentioned in the roadmap, the core team still plans to build and integrate more experiences into the Parabox ecosystem (apart from the below-mentioned) *cough cough, Ociworld* but these developments are not a promise nor a guarantee.

Genesis Plaza

The Genesis Plaza is the ultimate social world for all members of the Parabox community. The Plaza contains an array of communal buildings, art galleries, stylized centrepieces, and more. Users within the Plaza can chat, run around with friends, skateboard, play chess and mingle with the friendly Plaza Dragon, Voxy!
Can you spot Satoshi?


A survival game where users must collect pumpkins and fight off recurring hoards of the undead. Users must utilize natively spawning guns to kill zombies. Once a user dies, the number of zombies he has killed and the number of pumpkins he has collected will signify his score.


An obstacle course game located in the skies of the Genesis Plaza. Users must jump from block to block and reach the platform's top, a treat for those who like games that require strict player movement and mobility.
Okay, one more try...

Shooting Range

An open-field shooting game. Users must aim and shoot various flying birds before they disappear into the grass.
Damn bird!


Similar to the shooting range, Basketball is a training game where users must aim and shoot as many balls into the basket as possible before the timer goes off.
Quick, before the buzzer goes off!


Based on a throwback to one of the most iconic mobile games of the early 2010s. Moonboy is a platform game where users must continually jump higher and higher into space to try and reach the moon.
Spoiler, they never do. Moonboy is just a game for those who like a little bit of nostalgia.
This all feels a little familiar

Xi'an Town

A battle card game where users compete against a local sensei, who has a knack for choosing the right cards and destroying his opponents. Xi'an Town is a nod to the final milestone of the RadixDLT core team development roadmap.
So the Sensei thinks he knows best ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)