DLT-backed tokens

The core of the Parabox experience


DLT-backed tokens are digital tokens that exist either native to a Distributed Ledger or inside a Smart Contract that is native to a Distributed Ledger. DLT-backed tokens allow users within Parabox to trade, own and interact with unique digital assets and experiences without trusting one entity.


All DLT-backed tokens and Smart Contracts within Parabox are powered and maintained through the Radix Distributed Ledger, a scalable technology purposed to function as an immutable database that stores token identities and computes logic within Smart Contracts via a global consensus mechanism and purpose-built programming language.


The two DLT-backed tokens that make up the base-level infrastructure of Parabox are Genesis Avatars and PARA. With these two assets, users have incentive to exercise their given right of influence over the Parabox virtual world.