Genesis Avatars

The playable Genesis Avatars of Parabox

Provenance as an Avatar

Genesis Avatars are social status within Parabox, showing players around you that you were here from the very beginning, that you were truly a Genesis Avatar. For the first time in Radix history, you can walk around and explore shared 3D virtual space as your own NFT.
Genesis Avatars are the first 10,000 playable avatar NFTs living on the Radix Ledger and will be the very first inhabitants of Parabox's virtual world. Genesis Avatars are made up of over 500 carefully constructed voxel traits and are packed with immense benefit and utility within Parabox's virtual world.

Reserving a Genesis Avatar

In order to mint and own a Genesis Avatar, you must send a reservation transaction of 300 XRD to the official Parabox wallet address:
Once sent, in return, you will receive a Genesis Avatar token (abbreviated as GAT) that will represent your ownership of a Genesis Avatar leading up to the release of Babylon. Upon the release of Babylon, GAT will then be freely exchangeable for an official Genesis Avatar NFT.
There is no limit to how many Genesis Avatars one can reserve, however we recommend a maximum of 100 Avatars per wallet to encourage better distribution.

Trading Genesis Avatars (Pre-Babylon)

Before the release of Babylon, you will be able to trade your Genesis Avatar with other members of the community. In order to make a trade, you must send a transaction to the official Parabox wallet address with a customized non-encrypted message. For example if you are looking to buy Genesis Avatar #2350 and #5556 for an amount of 1000XRD, you would send 1000XRD to the Parabox wallet address with the following message: Trade 1000 XRD for #2350, #5556 To approve the transaction as a seller, you would send your Genesis Avatar token to the Parabox wallet address with the following message: Trade #2350, #5556 for 1000XRD Once both transactions have been received in the Parabox wallet address, the assets will be swapped. If there is a buy order missing its correlating sell order, or vice versa, after 24 hours the asset will be sent back to their rightful owner. Please do not send your tokens to any address other than the official Parabox wallet address otherwise they may be lost. In order to facilitate each transaction prior to Babylon, Parabox will retain a 10 percent trading fee.


Owning a Genesis Avatar hosts a vast amount of benefit and utility within Parabox's virtual world:

Free land

Upon the release of Babylon, those who own a Genesis Avatar will receive 1 free parcel of land within the Parabox's virtual world.

$PARA distribution

30% $PARA's token allocation to “community and partners” will be distributed amongst those holding Genesis Avatars.

DAO voting rights

Owning a Genesis Avatar grants 100 VP or Voting Points, which allows Genesis Avatars to have a significant influence over the governance of Parabox's virtual world.

UI/UX features

Genesis Avatars will benefit from a number of different user interface features within Parabox. One of the standout features of playing as a Genesis Avatar is that you will be easily distinguishable from other avatars thanks to a golden name tag and verification stamp.