Parabox's virtual world overview


Parabox is an explorable 3D virtual world owned and governed by its players. Parabox is powered by the RadixDLT and as a result, is the only DLT/Crypto based Metaverse capable of scaling to accommodate ever-increasing demand. Parabox's virtual world is made up of digital parcels of land stored on the Radix Ledger as NFTs. Each NFT contains metadata linking to the live content of each land parcel. Those who own a parcel can use a diverse range of tools/development kits to create virtually any type of content they desire on top of their digitally owned land. Live content can range from carefully constructed statics like homes and environments to more dynamic content such as P2E mini-games, token-gated venues and more. Parabox aims to foster a traversable world of immersive social-gaming experiences through the use of purpose-built software development kits, a decentralized governance system known as the Parabox DAO and a linearly scalable decentralized ledger called Radix to track and certify all events occurring within Parabox's virtual world.


The Parabox world/map is made up of 5 principal landmasses. Each of these landmasses features a unique biome complete with two main types of land parcels: Individually owned land and DAO owned land. • Individually owned land is land that players are free to own, trade and develop upon. Players are able to deploy any range of content they desire on top of their digitally owned land without the permission of anyone else. This gives players total freedom to create and build to their hearts desire. • DAO owned land is land that is in complete control of the Parabox DAO, allowing it to be altered only with the community’s express permission. Before the Parabox DAO is released, the Parabox foundation team has built Plazas on top of each of the 5 DAO owned land parcel. DAO owned land parcels are at the center of each principle landmass and will serve as a hub for all players to come together to socialize, learn and play. Each Plaza will contain an array of unique communal buildings and architecture that is complementary to the biome in which it is set. There will be 80,892 parcels of individually ownable land and 5 parcels of DAO owned land across the 5 principle landmasses within Parabox. Each Land parcel is stored and tracked on ledger via a Non-Fungible token and within each Non-Fungible tokens metadata, the land parcel's live content is stored.

Decentralized Governance

Over time, in order for Parabox to remain relevant as a decentralized entity, a strong governance system needs to be set in place. A strong governance is important for a digital society to evolve and innovate in a fair and efficient manner.
After the release of Babylon, The governance of Parabox's world will be transferred from the foundation team to the people little by little until it is under the DAO’s full control, allowing players to decide the direction and growth of Parabox. Parabox’s foundation team will work hard to ensure this is a smooth and viable process in order to give the community the best possible start as a fully decentralized entity.

Genesis Plaza

For those looking to experience Parabox in its beta form, a small section of Parabox's world called Genesis Plaza has been opened up to the public. The Genesis Plaza is the first DAO owned land parcel of Parabox and will act as a beta for the community to play and enjoy before Parabox's full release. Play now!

Fostering economic liveliness within a digital world

In order for Parabox to become a key player amongst all other competing Metaverse platforms (see Decentraland, Sandbox), Parabox needs to not only solve current issues that other virtual worlds suffer from but also create new use cases for shared virtual space. One of the distinguishing features of Parabox is the scalability it will inherit thanks to the Radix ledger. Scaling trustless computation is no easy task; the issues created by lack of scalability are clear on other blockchain networks. The pioneering technology of Radix will allow for the Parabox virtual economy to reach its true potential and not be burdened by large fees or potential bottlenecks in transactional throughput.
In addition to this Parabox will have a carefully designed SDK allowing users to create live content and monetize their in-game experiences. One of the most important aspects of a thriving Metaverse is an SDK that aids in creating complex games and experiences that are inherently useful and engaging to Parabox's digital society.

End Goal

Parabox is aiming to create a decentralized, self-sustaining world that will be able to grow and evolve over time with less and less involvement from a central entity. By building strong foundations on which the world will be built, as well as a functioning DAO system which rewards committed players over Whales, the Parabox foundation team hopes to eventually remove themselves from the Parabox ecosystem and allow it to be run by the people, for the people.