A date of events leading up to the full release of Parabox

Genesis Avatars - Q4 2022

To begin the Parabox journey, 10,000 unique Genesis Avatars will be minted into existence through a series of reservation transactions. Further down the line, a rarity tool will become available acting as a mechanism to reveal all 10,000 Genesis Avatars to their owners. The rarity tool will allow users to query Genesis Avatars specific token IDs, token owners, rarity and traits.

Genesis Plaza - Q4 2022

Leading up the release of Babylon, a small section of Parabox's world called Genesis Plaza will be opened up to the public. The Genesis Plaza is the first DAO owned land parcel of Parabox and will act as a beta for the community to play and enjoy before Parabox's full release.

Parabox SDK - Q2 2023

Before the release of Parabox's 80,892 land parcels, The Parabox SDK will be prematurely released to the public. This soft launch will allow the community to experiment and get familiar with Parabox's developer tools, documentation and software. This will allow the foundation team to troubleshoot any issues and perfect user experience.

Land Parcels - Q3 2023

With the release of Babylon (Radix's Smart Contract environment), the 80,892 land parcels that makeup Parabox's virtual world will be minted to the public. At this point, Parabox's SDK will become activated and Parabox's virtual world will start to expand from the ground up as developers begin building on their land. In addition to land parcels, the Parabox community will finally be able to trade assets seamlessly via the Parabox Marketplace which also means users can finally exchange their Genesis Avatar tokens for official Genesis Avatar NFTs.

The Parabox DAO - Q2 2024

Once all Parabox Roadmap milestones have been completed, it will be time for Parabox to release the Parabox DAO. A battle-tested democratic governance system that will mark an end to the foundation teams involvement in Parabox and allow Parabox to function as a fully decentralized entity.